Internal compass demagnetized, skewed

Loss of direction,

My senses fooled

One wrong turn leading to certain danger

Trembling, in the presence of a familiar stranger

Enveloped by complete and utter darkness

My entire being warmed by this comforting blackness

Standing utterly still; I can’t help but listen

The voice within begins

Steady condemnation

‘Trusting yourself? You are but a fool.

Must I remind you of all that you can’t do?’

Relentless scorn, I struggle to breathe

I try not to listen, I beg for reprieve

Weakened, exhaustion slows my heart rate

Overcome, I begin to concede to my fate

When suddenly

A burst of flame ignites

I stand up in anger

I’m ready to fight

Internal battle, this war now waged

My inner child released;

Enraged, uncaged

As I draw my sword of complete competence

I slay the frightful dragons, once omnipotent

Weakness, fear, slain by my own hand

Never to return again

The girl inside looks on in amazement

She never felt so completely protected

Taking her hand, her spirit I’ve freed

Trusting my instincts to show unto me

As darkness gives way to blinding sunlight

I realize: I’ve finally found

The strength

To fight