Soft Fornication



Swaying hips

I watch her moisten

Her soft pink lips

Forbidden need

She looks at me

Such wanton desire


She drinks me in completely

Magnetic attraction

I feel her pull

Driving me to distraction

Lips parting

This desire never ending

The warmth of her body

This is just the beginning

I inhale her essence

Jasmine, soft flower

There’s no time for pretense

She has taken my power

She tastes my warm sweetness

Soft, drowning in bliss

I return the favor

This illicit kiss

Open the floodgates

Rivers overflow

We drown in lust

As our heated bodies glow

Girl upon girl

Dizzying passion

Release of desire

Soft fornication


Under shadow of night

My breath you did take

Awoken from my restless slumber

You wrapped yourself around me

Giving me that which I sought

Unconditional love



We were two wanderers, lost


Secretly wishing to be one

Our hearts now entwined

I am yours

You, mine

Lusting lips

Swaying hips

A cry in the night

Sweet passion

This gift we exchange, priceless

With no limitations

Take me

As I sing for you

A love song of surrender


Where time and space collide

Explosions of truth erupt

And my eyes


An ocean of emotion

No longer a want

But a necessary union

I dine at your table

You shelter me in your arms

And clothe me with eternal love