7 Things To Tell Yourself When You’re Hurting

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1. I am going to face it.

Don’t run away from it. Don’t treat it like it’s not there, like it has never happened — this will only prolong the period of suffering, and delay the healing. Talk about it, not avoid it. Things only get nastier when you try to sweep them under the carpet. Face that bitch right in the face. If it’s gonna hurt, it will. But after that, it will be fine. It will get better.

2. This pain is necessary for growth.

You tell yourself that it is NOT all bad and no good — that something good CAN come out of it. That through pain you become stronger and better as a person. That going through tough things and shit situations are part and parcel of life. People can break your heart, but it is up to you whether to seal it up on…

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A Girl Said I Raped Her

“No one deserves to feel like they have been sexually assaulted, but no one who has been sexually assaulted deserves to be discredited by people who don’t know what those words mean. “

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Sometimes I wonder if she thinks of me. My accuser. Since I have never talked to this girl sober, I wonder if she even remembers my name, if she looked me up on Facebook again and again, or felt afraid to run into me on campus. More often than not, I tell myself that she wanted it, but her words still echo in my head. And it’s not just hers.

I was sexually assaulted my junior year of high school. It was at a house party, I was drunk, and a girl sort of fell on top of me and started grabbing at the fabric under my jeans. Even in my belligerent mindset it felt uncomfortable and I wanted her to stop- we were outside on the patio for god’s sake- but she didn’t. She was just as drunk as me, with something to prove to her friends, to herself…

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone Having A Panic Attack

Spot on.

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Panic attacks send adrenaline all over your body. When I have one, my heart races and my hands shake like someone’s doing brain surgery on me while I’m awake. The rest of my body might shiver or tremble with little seizures. My arms sometimes feel numb. It feels like someone replaced my heart with a thrumming hammer — and not a cool one handled by Chris Hemsworth, a really sh-tty one that might explode in my chest robot! Dick Cheney-style.

Since I can’t control when and where they’ll occur, I’ve had everyone from my brother (helpful!) to a random airline stewardess (not so helpful!) try to assist me when I’m panicking. Trying to help someone through a panic attack is really hard. I imagine seeing someone overcome with anxiety makes other people feel helpless and afraid. Should you rub their back? Should you sing to them? Should you call 911?…

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