Lost Soul


The hungry creature lies in wait

Inside my twisted soul

Lies, distrust, dishonesty

Once love, there’s now a hole

From this cavernous emptiness

Once full of peace and trust

Comes the Creature ravenous

None left, save for a crust

The Creature strives to reach this piece

Of love left in my soul

I struggle to hold onto it

The fight, it takes its toll

Much easier to let the Beast

Have his way inside

The scrap of love is not enough

To keep my soul alive

Lie back I feel him enter me

I just give up the fight

And as the Beast moves through me now

I scream with all my might

His rancid touch dissolves the love

My soul now black as night

I’m free from feeling, love and trust

My heart closed oh so tight

My angel, where are you now?

My God, you’ve let me down

There’s no one left to hold me up

There’s no one else around

Collapse, exhaustion now sets in

Ravaged outside, in

Sacrificial lamb, I weep

Drowning in his sin


5 thoughts on “Lost Soul

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