The End?

(This is a writing that may prove to be uncomfortable to read, but sometimes inspiration isn’t pleasant.  I wrote this a few years ago, during a dark moment in time.  I should say, it wrote itself, because it took only a moment from start to finish)


Sweet wine

Sings a tune

So divine


Forget what beats

Within your chest

Forget your life

Contemplate death


Smile in consideration

What some find grim

Stand on the riverbank

Know you can’t swim


Bite your lip hard

Thoughts so wrong

Won’t be missed

When you’re long gone


Laughter comes now

Life you did wrong

Sleeping at the wheel

What was going on?


Didn’t see the truck

Before it was too late

Forced to feel alive again

Then forced to wait


Confusion sets in

Love? I wouldn’t know

Only know I’m falling

Into an endless black hole


When I cause pain

The world comes to a halt

Stinging wounds boomerang

Taste of wet salt


Imaginary arms

Hold me so tight

Kisses in my dreams

Make everything right


Placing my happiness

In care of someone else

Fatal flaw I truly know

But this I can’t help


Smashed hopes and dreams

Shatter to the floor

I pick up the pieces

I feel the need to score


Fractured bits in my hand

Sharp enough to cut

I press them to me gently

I just don’t have the guts


Can’t stand my reflection

I turn away in pain

Thought I knew the answers

The questions still remain


Just one more day

Tomorrow new hope?

I step away from the ledge

I put down the rope


Waves of bitter pain

Drowning in my glass

Soon I’ll have the answers

To the test I haven’t passed


Get it all together

Learn how to live

Feel it all, don’t hide

Remember what she did


Someone’s looking out for me

This I truly know

Heavy heart still beating

Not my time to go


Fold my hands in prayer

A rarity it’s true

When I’ve nowhere else to turn

I’m forced to turn to You


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