Standing in the open, empty field,

The young girl takes in her surroundings

Seeing no one around her.

Just wildflowers in full bloom;

Long grasses, swaying in the gentle breeze.

She strips herself of her protective clothing.

Feeling freedom like she’s never known,

She twirls around, giddy; excited.

A child-like wonder wraps around her.

This moment frozen in time.

True happiness, a feeling she never thought possible.

Suddenly, she feels a hungry gaze upon her.

Chills run down her spine.

She looks around anxiously;

It is then that she sees him.

Her eyes catch those of the hungry wolf

Crouched behind the tall oak tree.

He takes one step toward her, then another,

Steely gaze fixed upon her delicate flesh.

He growls, menacingly, licking his chops in anticipation.

His nose quivers as he picks up her scent.

She gazes back at the beast in wonderment,

Trembling with…fear?

Suddenly, somehow, she can sense the creature’s true nature;

The anger in his eyes, the menacing growl, mask his pain.

Intrigued, she takes a tentative step forward.

She reaches out with a trembling hand.

The wolf licks her palm hungrily, nibbles her delicate fingers.

She kneels before him, opening her arms.

The creature nuzzles her neck, his cold nose tickling her skin.

A brief whine escapes his throat, and then he begins to howl.

It is at this moment that she realizes he is starving

For love, affection, warmth. A companion.

She vows to stay by his side.

His every want and need will be met.

They form an unbreakable bond, this girl and beast;

He becomes her protector, and she his constant companion,

His nurturer.

He hungers no more.


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