Joined in Eternity

She has lived in this cold, desolate tower for far too long.

The only sound chains echoing in her solitary cell.

Her barren heart yearns to sing a new song.

From the mist, a dark knight appears

Drawing his mighty sword, he swiftly frees her from her shackles of loneliness.

Shivering, chilled to the bone, and starved for affection;

Her gown in tatters.

Her heart sings a mournful tune

Of secret longing and forbidden love

As they ride off into the night.

He carries her into his lair with gentleness aplenty,

Swearing to protect her for eternity; to feed her soul.

She hungrily devours each morsel

As false words flow smoothly from serpent’s tongue;

A tapestry of deceit woven across her heart.

She gives herself completely to her rescuer,

Lost in a pool of reckless abandon.

She is bound to her savior for eternity.

Where one ends, the other begins.

Her entire being at his disposal; she serves him well.

Too late, she realizes she is not free at all

But now a prisoner of possessiveness.

He consumes her.

Suddenly, she is filled with fear

As darkness envelopes her being.

Casting its spell; the pull overwhelms her.

He perceives her conflicted heart; sensing duplicity.

Storms roll across his face.

This new love suffocating under the weight of his crushing demands.

His jealous nature sings a warning song.

He is powerless to control this vortex of emotion.

She pleadingly looks up at her dark knight, once her protector.

Anger flashes in his eyes; Desperation, longing.

His sword falls swiftly, taking her last breath,

Crimson stain never ending.

He falls to his knees in stark realization; howling in agony at his wanton haste.

Laying his head upon her breast,

Taking her delicate hand in his,

He places one last kiss on her now cold lips.

He then completes the task; thrusting the dagger into his own tortured heart

Joining her in eternity.


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