Fatal Naivete


 Words can draw you in,

Deep into a world

Where nothing else matters.

Where you bare your all

To someone you know…

Or do you?

You place your trust in this person.

Your instincts

Certainly leading you

To a place you are meant to be.

A place with your intended.

But then again,

Perhaps your naiveté

Guides you to a course

Of self-destruction.

Recklessness takes over.

Your perceptions skewed.

Naïve is what you feel.

Taken, drawn to this force,

A vacuum of intoxicating pleasure

And deep pain.

The throbbing of your heart

Just before it breaks.

The stabbing pain of realization,

Numbness overtaking your being,

Shivering from this cold reality.

Your desperation has brought you here:

Hunger for inspiration, happiness, hope.

Thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and love.

Every morsel, each crumb

A bountiful feast set before you,

Your last meal,

Fatal naiveté.


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